DNA topoisomerases of leishmania: modulation of functional activity and drug induced cell killing of the parasite

Sen Gupta, Souvik (2011) DNA topoisomerases of leishmania: modulation of functional activity and drug induced cell killing of the parasite. PhD thesis, Jadavpur University.


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    Majumder, Hemanta K


    There are a plethora of problems accompanying various transactions involving DNA and all are ultimately rooted to the bihelical geometry of this master molecule. DNA topoisomerases are a family of enzymes which provide some of the necessary tools in various manipulations of the thread like double stranded DNA. The two strands of the DNA helix must separate either temporarily as in transcription or recombination or permanently as in replication. DNA topoisomerases accomplish their feats by the simple and elegant chemistry of transesterification. DNA topoisomerases are a family of DNA processing enzymes that use DNA strand scission, manipulation, and rejoining activities to directly modulate DNA topology. These actions provide a powerful means to effect changes in DNA supercoiling levels, and allow some topoisomerases to both unknot and decatenate chromosomes. They are truly wonders, as in their presence, DNA strands can pass each other as if the physical boundaries between them have disappeared (Wang, 1985). They single handedly solve various topological problems for the effective propagation of the genetic material. They solve the topological problems associated with DNA replication, transcription, recombination, and chromatin remodeling by introducing temporary single- or double-strand breaks in the DNA (Champoux, 2001 and Liu, 1994). Topoisomerases are now known to be necessary for the survival of cellular organisms and many viruses and are rich clinical targets for anticancer, antiparasitic and antimicrobial treatments.

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