Identification and Characterization of Different Actice Compounds from Russell’s Viper Venom of Eastern Indian Origin

Maity, Gargi (2006) Identification and Characterization of Different Actice Compounds from Russell’s Viper Venom of Eastern Indian Origin. PhD thesis, Jadavpur University.


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    Bhattacharyya, Debasish


    Ophitoxaemia is the rather exotic term that characterizes the clinical aspect of snakebite envenomation (Mathew and Gera, 2000). Snakebites include fear and panic of death from envenomation. The mythical Medusa and Cleopatra do little to improve the image. Fortunately the majority of the bites are from non- venomous snakes and only 10 – 20 % of bites end up with envenomation or ophitoxaemia. This does not mean that all of these are dangerous; indeed a few of them cannot envenomate a human simply because their jaws are too small to administer a bite or after a bite insufficient amount of venom is injected. Others, however, can inflict symptoms of sickness and discomfort for at least a few hours, while others can cause damage or even death to human victims, if proper medicines are not applied. In particular, people living in cooler parts of the world usually have nothing to fear even from venomous species, whose venom is not usually strong. But in the grassy and swampy lands of tropical countries, snakebite causalities are maximum. Usually twice in a year, the number of bites increases. These correspond to the time when the rice fields are being planted and harvested. Majority of the bites on the farmers are on their lower parts of the body and hands. Again many unfortunate people simply stay barefoot on the startled snake with unfortunate consequences. It is important to know that snakes generally attack only when provoked e.g. when handled or trodden upon or in self-defense. Moreover victim’s rural location hinders them from seeking immediate medical attention. In fact it is often as long as 5 hours before the victim can reach a medical facility.

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