Delivery of RNA to the Mitochondria of Mammalian Cells

Mahato, Biraj (2011) Delivery of RNA to the Mitochondria of Mammalian Cells. PhD thesis, Jadavpur University.


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    Adhya, Samit


    Many types of human diseases are caused by the mutations and deletions of the mitochondrial genome. Attempts to rectify these genetic defects are hampered by lack of efficiency and efficacy. On the other hand, the ability to efficiently transport tRNAs into mitochondria is present in various species. For example, it is well known that kinetoplastid protozoa such as Leishmania have no tRNA genes in their mitochondrial genome. To overcome this deficiency, these cells have a specialized system for transport of tRNA from cytosol to mitochondria. The RNA import complex (RIC) from the inner mitochondrial membrane is capable of importing tRNAs across natural and artificial membranes. Recently it has been established that RIC, added to cultured human cells is taken up by the cells and induces import of endogenous cytosolic tRNAs into the mitochondria of the treated cells. In the present study, it is proposed to investigate whether functional RNAs, bound to RIC, can be delivered to the mitochondria of mammalian cells and tissues. The conditions necessary to achieve such delivery will be investigated. The consequences of such transport on mitochondrial function will be studied. Thus, antisense RNAs may be targeted to specific mitochondrial mRNAs to downregulate respiration. Conversely, sense RNAs may be transferred to correct deficiencies due to mutations or deletions. Besides providing an efficient delivery system for therapeutic applications, such studies may provide new information on the RNA regulatory pathways within mitochondria.

    Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
    Subjects: Molecular & Human Genetics
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    Date Deposited: 24 Sep 2011 12:24
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