Role of Protein Factors in the Import of tRNA into leishmania Mitochondria

Chatterjee, Saibal (2006) Role of Protein Factors in the Import of tRNA into leishmania Mitochondria. PhD thesis, Jadavpur University.


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    Adhya, Samit


    The leishmanias comprise a group of protozoan parasites of vertebrates, which are transmitted from host to host by the bite of blood sucking sand fly vectors. Leishmania species exists as an extracellular, flagellated form, or promastigotes, in the digestive tract of the insect vector and as an intracellular, non-motile form, or amastigote, in the macrophage lysosomal compartment of the susceptible vertebrate host. Along with Trypanosoma, Crithidia, and Leptomonas, they belong to the unique order of Kinetoplastida. A wide variety of Leishmania species, infect reptiles and mammals, causing a spectrum of diseases in humans collectively known as leishmaniasis.

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