An Electronic Analog of Synthetic Genetic Networks

Hellen, Edward H and Volkov, Evgenii and Kurths, Jurgen and Dana, Syamal Kumar (2011) An Electronic Analog of Synthetic Genetic Networks. PLoS One, 6 (8). p. 323286.



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    An electronic analog of a synthetic genetic network known as the repressilator is proposed. The repressilator is a synthetic biological clock consisting of a cyclic inhibitory network of three negative regulatory genes which produces oscillations in the expressed protein concentrations. Compared to previous circuit analogs of the repressilator, the circuit here takes into account more accurately the kinetics of gene expression, inhibition, and protein degradation. A good agreement between circuit measurements and numerical prediction is observed. The circuit allows for easy control of the kinetic parameters thereby aiding investigations of large varieties of potential dynamics.

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    Subjects: Nonlinear Dynamics
    Divisions: Indian Institute of Chemical Biology
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