About EPrints@IICB

Open access repository of Indian Institute of Chemical Biology(IICB)

IICB is one of the 39 laboratories of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) - India's largest Research and Development organization.

This repository is the official open access institutional repository of IICB. This provides single point access to all research outputs produced locally. Research documents, which include peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, theses and reports, produced by IICB researchers are archived here. We try to populate the repository with post-print versions of peer-reviewed journal articles, as many publishers now allow authors to post the same in institutional repositories legitimately. In some cases where the post-print versions are not available, the published version is archived with direct access restricted to IICB researchers. Other can use "Request copy" form to request copies of articles directly to authors.

Interested users are requested to download/request copies of articles to use and build upon with proper acknowledgment.