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Niyogi, KrishnakaliI and Singh, Manoranjan (1988) An Immunologically Distinct form of a-d-Mannosidase in Canavalia ensiformis leaf. Phytochemistry, 27 (9). pp. 2737-2741.


Bandyopadhyay, Rajyasree and Basu, Mukul K (1988) Phospholipids from. the hepatopancreas of Indian horseshoe crab Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda. Biochimie, 70 (1). pp. 1841-1847.

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Chakraborty, MunMun and Ghosal, Jharna and Biswas, Tuli and Datta, Asoke G (1988) Effect of Erythropoietin on Membrane Lipid Peroxidation, Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase, and Glutathione Peroxidase of Rat RBC. Biochemical Medicine and Metabolic Biology, 40 (1). 08-18.

Chakraborty, Prasanta and Das, Pijush K (1988) Role of Mannose/N-Acetylglucosamine Receptors in Blood Clearance and Cellular Attachment of Leishmania Donovani. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 28 (1). pp. 55-62.

Chattopadhyay, Munna and Banerjee, Somenath (1988) Renal Handling of Amino Acid 99mTechnetium Chelates. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 34 (1). pp. 25-40.

Chattopadhyay, Samit and Ghosh, Ranjit K (1988) Characterization of Phage-Specific Transfer RNA Molecules Coded by Vibrio e&or Phage e4. Virology, 165 (2). pp. 606-608.


Dasgupta, Ujjala and Guhathakurta, Indrajit and Das, Jyotirmoy (1988) Excretion of Cholera Toxin From Escherichia Coli • A Potential Oral Vaccine For Cholera. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 153 (3). pp. 967-972.

Datta, Pradip K and Basu, Pranab K and Datta, Tapash K (1988) Purification of Human Erythrocytes Specific Lectins from Rice Bean, Phaseolus Calcaratus Syn. Vigna Umbellata, by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Journal of Chromatography, 431 (1). pp. 37-44.


Khowala, Suman and Mukherjee, Mina and Sengupta, Subhabrata (1988) Carboxymethyl xylan-a specific substrate directly differentiating backbone-hydrolysing and side chain-reacting Beta-D-(1-- 4)-xylanases of the mushroom Termitomyces clypeatus. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 10 (9). pp. 563-567.


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Mitra, Debashis and Sarkar, Manju (1988) A Galactose Specific Agglutinin from the Hemolymph of the Snail Achatina Fulica : Purification and Characterization. Developmental and Comperative Immuniligy, 12 (1). pp. 33-42.

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Mukherjee, Subrata and Ghosh, Chandramallika and Basu, Mukul K (1988) Leishmania donovani: Role of Microviscosity of Macrophage Membrane in the Process of Parasite Attachment and Internalization. Experimental Parasitology, 66 (1). pp. 18-26.

Mukhopadhyay, P and Ghosh, D K (1988) Litoiciosoide's Carinii Infection: Pathophysiological Changes in the Infected Albino Rat. International Journal for Parasitology, 18 (3). pp. 103-107.

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